Album Review ~ Bring Me The Horizon – Post Human: Survival Horror

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Released: October 30th, 2020.

Genre: Nu Metal/Electronic Rock/Metalcore/EDM

After gaining an early access to the new BMTH record, I knew I had to give it a thorough listen and write a review up on it. With many different influences clearly having an affect on this record, it’s safe to say that this is one of the more positive surprises to come out of 2020.

After releasing three singles in the build up to Survival Horror, We were teased Collaborations With Babymetal, Nova Twins And Amy Lee From Evanescence.

Track one is titled Dear Diary. It’s an instant throwback to the Metalcore side of the band, a sound which was carried from Suicide Season up to Sempiternal. An intro of an electronic glitch instantly transitions into a slow blast beat/guitar distortion arsenal, driving forward frontman Oli Sykes’ blistering screams. A track full of energy, speed and a mini guitar solo in the middle, the track keeps pushing until a mini bass-break before a hard-hitting breakdown carries the track to its close. A must listen-to track for all the old-school fans!

Parasite Eve follows up next, and it was the second single released back in June. Showing more of a return to their harder rock stroke metal sound, it’s a song that will mostly satisfy both older and newer fans. The verses have the Amo and That’s The Spirit feel, with the choruses and breakdown having more of a Sempiternal vibe to them. It quickly became a fan favourite, and probably will stay a hit for a long time coming.

The third track is Teardrops, which dropped on October 22nd. It draws similarities to Parasite Eve, however draws more of a heavier feel than its predecessor. One standout in this track has to be Sykes’ vocals, especially during the catchy chorus which will be stuck in fans’ heads for time to come. The song has a mini-breakdown with screams that don’t fail to impress once again. It’s also noted that the song has a very similar style to old-school Linkin Park, a combination of Meteora and Hybrid Theory.

Up next is Obey, which features English musician Yungblud. The third single to be released, this drew attention from fans of both of the artists due to the unexpected collaboration between them. However, the unusual combination proved to be successful as the release was a pleasant surprise to the music world. With Sykes singing on verse one and Yungblud taking verse two, they both showcased how far they’ve come in their careers, delivering excellent performances. They joined up together for the breakdown, before finishing the song with another chorus. Overall, the song has a strong modern nu-metal feel, which has proved to draw good responses from old and new fans.

Bring Me The Horizon. Credit: Bring Me The Horizon Official Website

Track five, itch for the cure (when will we be free) is a shorter one, and also stands out for its style when compared with the rest of the tracklisting. A very electronic-heavy track, it features Sykes almost mumbling his low-spoken vocals over the beats, with featuring artists Babymetal also having a small vocal part (which leads into the next track that they fully feature on). It acts mainly as a mini-break between the songs, which will most likely draw a mixed reaction from audiences.

The next track is Kingslayer, featuring Japanese metal group Babymetal. The intro to the song is very much influenced by the group, with a guitar/electronic combination before leading into the intro. The verse starts off with some melodic singing by Sykes, before a transition into screaming along to a basic metal instrumental. The chorus/second verse features vocals from Babymetal, who add their own spin on the standard bring me the horizon sound (which in my opinion, is very successful. Sykes provides screams in the background whilst they sing, which makes the song all the more exciting. More impressive drum work from Matt Nicholls and guitar work from Lee Malia are also noted. The breakdown on this song features Sykes’ screams being absorbed by the electronic sounds, sending them higher and higher in pitch before fading out to the end of the track. An incredibly ambitious collaboration which will leave a lot of listeners surprised yet satisfied!

At number seven is 1x1, featuring English punk duo Nova Twins. The intro also had a very linkin-park feel to it, with the nu-metal intro having an electronic twist to it. This continues into the verse, with Sykes carrying a beautiful vocal line through into the chorus. Verse two is where the Nova Twins come in, who deliver an impressive dual-vocal delivery. Their range and power makes the song pick up even more in momentum, and leaves it to Sykes to impress during the bridge (which he does). Kudos needs to be given to Jordan Fish on this song, with the electronic influences having a strong benefit on this song in particular.

Track eight is Ludens, which we first heard back in November 2019. It was originally released as a standout single for the soundtrack to the game Death Stranding: Timefall, but the group decided to include it on the release in the end. Another song that has influences from nearly the entire of their discography, the verses having a combo feel of amo/TTS whilst the breakdown has a strong sempiternal feel. The song has had over 35+ million streams on Spotify alone, which shows how popular it has already become amongst fans.

Finishing off the record is track nine, One Day The Butterflies Left Will Be In Your Chest As You March Towards Your Death, featuring Amy Lee, who is best known for being the lead vocalist of American rock band Evanescence. Another unusual collaboration, the song starts off with female vocal humming leading into Amy Lee’s gentle voice starting the song off. This carries all the way through until Sykes adopts a similar gentle style to his voice, before singing with more power. The two then harmonise together, with electronic work from Fish in the background making their voices more atmospheric. Definitely one of the more sentimental songs from the album, the song closes with Sykes muttering “I feel so dead for you”, before the audio suddenly cuts.

This album is an incredible effort from the band, who started their career off being hated by the metal scene purists before becoming one of the most well known bands in the 21st century. With this record in particular proving to be an appeal to all fans alike, the featured artists and production level on this record prove to be an instant success. Much credit has to be given to Mick Gordon, who helped the band produce this record.

Rating – 8/10

Top Three Tracks:

1 – Dear Diary

2 – Teardrops

3 – 1x1 (Feat. Nova Twins)

(Review by Sam Seabridge)



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